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Access Floors are now an established element in modern buildings, providing user flexibility, easy distribution and concealment of services.

We look at how the PSA Standard can assist the construction industry when choosing, specifying and installing access flooring systems, by offering help and advice at every stage of the process, to achieve the best performing raised access floor.

This article has been prepared to help building owners obtain an access floor that meets the ultimate performance requirements.

So that the building occupier can be guaranteed the benefits of an access floor, the construction team needs to ensure that access flooring systems are correctly handled and installed, paying particular attention to the timing and sequencing of the installation.

We’ve pulled out these key considerations for site, although, for more detailed guidance, we advise you to request a copy of the latest PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU Performance Specifications from, where you can request a digital download of the PSA Standards for free.

Required Site Conditions

The flooring installation is normally one of the last finishing trades in the building. Conditions on site for installation and storage should be dry, watertight, and sufficiently ventilated to ensure that there are no excessive variations in temperature and humidity. Humidity levels should not exceed 75%.

Delivery / Material Handling

Materials will usually be delivered to site for the general contractor to offload, hoist to the appropriate floor and place as near to the installation area or into storage. Pallets can exceed 500kg and should be spread out on site to reduce the possibility of overloading the structural floor.


The sub-floor should be reasonably flat and smooth for satisfactory seating of the pedestal base plates. Since the access flooring contractor cannot accept responsibility for the structural strength of the sub-floor, the sub-floor(s) must provide adequate strength.

Download the PSA Standards

To request a digital copy of the latest PSA standards, please visit the digital download standards page, telephone 0845 120 0068, or email