Two standards are currently used in the UK.

PSA MOB PF2/SPU performance specification

This performance specification is prescriptive and in addition to performance under load this standard includes site installation points, recommended life expectancy of the raised floor system and more.

The Specification has four UK standards: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy use. These are arranged vertically in that each grade will comply with any grade that is lower in the scale. With the PSA Specification, systems must be independently tested and certified.


This specification allows for 72 performance standards and because they are not arranged vertically, there is great potential for misunderstanding as to what is sought, what is needed and what is offered. With BSEN12825 the systems are certified by the manufacturers who carry out their own evaluation testing. Although most commonly used overseas, BSEN12825 standards are also used in the UK.

We can provide advice on how to select a raised access flooring system suitable for your building, whether you are using PSA or BSEN standards.