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Redefining Electrical Earth Bonding Requirements

The Access Flooring Association (AFA) has joined forces with the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) to redefine electrical earth bonding requirements included in NBS K41.

The decision on which specification to use is the responsibility of the specifier, although both are referred to in RIBA model specification NBS K41 (raised access flooring). In certain public sector projects there may be a requirement to use BSEN.

Because of its greater simplicity, more rigorous selection criteria and use of independent performance testing, the PSA specification is still widely preferred by specifiers and contractors.

Unless there are very exceptional circumstances, or functional requirements need to be taken into account by the electrical design engineer and considered in the designer’s risk assessment for the electrical installation, the conductive parts of a raised access floor system will be neither exposed-conductive-parts nor extraneous-conductive-parts.

If functional requirements are considered necessary by the person responsible for the project electrical installation design, then account of such requirements should be detailed within the respective electrical services project design information and the electrical specification by the project design engineer.